OEM Preferred Contract Representation Status for Contrast Dye Injectors

Posted: 5/20/2010

For Immediate Release

Trumbull, Connecticut-May 20, 2010 - NovaMed Corporation is very pleased to announce that we are an OEM Preferred Contract Representative for Contrast Dye Injectors. By contracting with NovaMed, your Veteran's Administration medical center can receive the exact same quality OEM service from the same OEM technicians who service your injectors currently, but now at a reduced rate. This is possible since NovaMed receives a quantity contract discount from the OEM and is able to flow that discount through to you. NovaMed can contract with the same OEM at a lower price than the VA saving dollars for the government and your facility's budget. Please contact NovaMed for a bid price on your injectors before making an award directly to the OEM.

About NovaMed
NovaMed Corporation has been providing equipment maintenance for over 25 years, with manufacturer certified and accredited technicians servicing VA hospitals, military sites and federal and state agencies nationwide. NovaMed is a cost effective, quality alternative for your medical equipment upkeep and repair. For injectors, NovaMed contracts directly with the OEM.

In addition to our government facilities, NovaMed services over 250 customers including hospitals, imaging centers, laboratories, universities and clinics across the U.S. NovaMed ensures the equipment is up and running and meeting testing requirements and standards set out by The Joint Commission as well as OSHA, NFPA and others. Our experience spans a wide range of equipment from general biomedical and high technology imaging to specialties including lasers, anesthesia machines, sterilizers, and laboratory research equipment.

Department of Veterans Affairs and other Government Agency References available upon request.

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