NovaMed provides a comprehensive, yet flexible alternative to OEMs at a cost-effective price. As an ISO, we utilize a blend of highly trained employees, specialized partners, and multiple vendors to deliver quick and efficient equipment services with minimal downtime providing relief from operating and administrative concerns. Facilities across the country trust NovaMed to provide medical and research equipment solutions tailored to their needs. 

Our goal is to deliver a positive effect on your bottom line.

We pay special attention to compliance with The Joint Commission, NFPA and other regulatory agencies and sustain relationships with many service and parts vendors. These relationships, combined with our dedication to healthcare and research facilities, allow us to resolve equipment problems on a wide span of makes, models and manufacturers.

Contact us to see how we can generate cost savings and improve efficiencies for your facility.

  • Proven customer satisfaction- NovaMed receives “above average to excellent” ratings for responsiveness, quality of technical work and overall satisfaction from customers 95% of the time.
  • Customers renew their service contracts with NovaMed over 90% of the time.