Medical Equipment Sales

NovaMed helps healthcare facilities and research centers use state-of-the-art technology while maintaining cost-effective care. We have worked within the healthcare technology management industry since 1983, building valuable relationships with manufacturers, medical equipment suppliers, and medical equipment companies throughout the industry. By sustaining solid relationships with medical equipment manufacturers and refurbishers, we can provide new and refurbished equipment in response to your capital equipment acquisition needs. We also stay at the forefront of the regulatory and industry standards enabling medical facilities to cut costs without cutting corners.

diagnostic imaging

Healthcare Equipment Acquisition Services

  • New and refurbished equipment through dealer relationships
  • Life-cycle replacement
  • Comprehensive assessment and technology evaluation
  • Project management services
  • Room installation, de-installation and relocation
  • Financing alternatives

With a proven reputation for responsiveness and customer support, we create tailored equipment purchase options to meet your needs. Contact us to improve your equipment offerings without excessive overhead.